Family photos and mementoes
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Pictures from Kate Rue's wedding in Dorset, VT at my Uncle Nelson (Jesup)'s:
Kate and Bryan's Wedding
Kate and Bryan's Reception
Post-wedding at Nelson's
(I have more pictures, but these are some of the best.)

Pictures of my great-grandmother Bobs' desk (Elizabeth Hensen); a Queen Anne (reproduction, probably late 1800's) piece that she gave me back in the 1970's.  If I remember correctly, she was born around 1888.  I don't know how long she had this, but probably a long while.

Bobs' desk
Bobs' desk_details 1
Bobs' desk_details 2

These are pictures of my grandmother Claire Jesup's house in Essex, CT from a real estate flyer used to sell it in mid-2004.  Note: it's been rather expanded and updated since it was sold by the family in ~1981.  I believe it was shelled in the war of 1812 (is this correct?), and there's a space in the closet floorboards upstairs and a hidden stairway from the from a closet by the living room up to the closet that was used as part of the Underground Railroad. It was also once a lodge for the Freemasons in the 1800's, and a tavern at one point.

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