Directions to 1835 Horseshoe Trail, Malvern, PA 19355
If you get lost, call 610-889-9525.

Almost no sites have maps or directions that work for finding our house. Most send you to the paved section of Horseshoe Trl on the other (eastern) side of the big 6-road intersection. I've included a couple of captured maps which show where our house really is; you can use them as an adjunct to driving directions from Google Maps, Mapquest or Yahoo Maps. The only site that seems to still know where our road runs is However, they seem to have lots of annoying popups, so I've created a custom map in Google Maps below.

If you think you know how to get here without directions, be careful -- there are at least three Horse Shoe (or Horseshoe) Trails in this area of Chester County!

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We're at the very end of the section of Horseshoe Trail in the map above - where the "push-pin" is. The other push-pin is the entrance to the 1-lane gravel road. Somewhat oddly, while normal Google Maps doesn't show our road, the version of Google used to embed maps into websites does show it! Freaky.

If you just printed this out and didn't get a turn-by-turn route, here are the general directions:

From the turnpike King of Prussia exit (formerly #24):
Take the immediate exit to the right, around 100-200 feet following the tolls, labelled Valley Forge Park.  You'll merge onto Gulph Rd heading west.
Continue straight.  Gulph Rd will become Rt 23 West and continue through Valley Forge Park.  Continue straight through the park.
At the 2nd light after entering the park turn left (south) onto Country Club Rd (right is marked Ferry Ln).
See directions below for Country Club and Rt 23.

From Rt 202 and Rt 29:
Head north on Rt 29 a couple of miles.
Turn right onto Yellow Springs Rd and go around 2 miles.
Right after passing under the turnpike, bear left onto Diamond Rock Hill Rd.  A very good landmark is the 1-room octagonal schoolhouse on the corner.
Follow directions below for Diamond Rock and Yellow Springs.

From I-76 aka "Surekill" coming from Philadelphia (heading west):
(These are the easy directions, not the fast ones)
Follow signs for Rt 202 South.
Exit Rt 202 onto Rt 29 North.
Follow directions above for Rt 202 & Rt 29.

Once you get to Clothier Springs Rd, our portion of Horseshoe Trail is a 1-lane gravel road that goes west from where Clothier Springs meets Country Club Rd and Diamond Rock Hill Rd (see the closeup map above).

If you're coming up Diamond Rock Hill Rd from Yellow Springs:

Go up Diamond Rock Hill Rd.  There are a series of sharp switchbacks; first a mild right, a lefthand switchback then a sharp righthand turn, right before you get to the top.  During the last righthand turn, there's a "Y" intersection branching off to the left (Clothier Springs Rd).
You want to bear left onto Clothier Springs Rd at the "Y".  Warning: it can be hard to see oncoming traffic coming over the hill.

Turn left after about 50 feet after you turn onto Clothier Springs Rd onto a 1-lane gravel road (looks like a driveway).  It has a bank of mailboxes on one side, and a sign on the other that says 1700-1896 Horseshoe Trail.   Again, watch for oncoming traffic cresting the hill.

If you're coming from Country Club Rd and Rt 23:

Head south on Country Club Rd.
Continue through a light and the road will start climbing and pass the Phoenixville Country Club.  Go perhaps a mile or so to the crest of the ridge.
Do not turn left onto the paved portion of Horseshoe Trail Rd.  That's the wrong road.
In front of you the road will drop off sharply.  (If you start going downhill, look for a place to turn around (a driveway)). 
Turn right at the point when you stop going uphill onto Clothier Springs Rd.
You'll go 50 feet on this little stub and "T" into the real Clothier Springs Rd.  Don't turn. 
You're going to go across Clothier Springs Rd into what looks like a driveway slightly to the left.  Across from the end of the stub there will be a 1-lane gravel road with a large bunch of mailboxes on the left, and a sign that says "1700-1896 Horseshoe Trail" on the right attached to a piece of fence.  Cross onto the gravel road (to do this you need to almost be in the wrong lane of that connector road).  Watch for traffic from both directions.

Once you're on the gravel portion of Horseshoe Trail:

Follow the trail for around 1/4 mile - watch out for potholes!.  We're the last house on the left (there's one house (1896) just past us on the right, and the horse trail continues past that and is driveable).  We're the second house that has a paved driveway.  There's a sign (low to the ground) that says "1835 Horseshoe Trl", and another sign on the left that says "The Jesups and the Reavys".  WARNING: we've installed a deer fence with an automatic gate at the crest of the hill!  There are two circles plus a parking area near the garage.

Again, if you get lost, call 610-889-9525.